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"Listen three eyes" he said, "Don't you try to outweird me, I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal." (See "Quotes" section for more)

Hello...Thank you for coming to see the GREATEST SITE OF ALL TIME.....and by all time, I mean the last 40 seconds.........it's got to have been the best one.....right??

This was created more than over 3!!! years ago during a slow, dreary, careers class.  Its only goals are to amuse and confuse, no website skills are really being put to work.  It's just for fun, so Enjoy!

Let's see how your vote holds up with others in our raN!DoM polls.....because....well, Your opinion is questionable!


Enjoy the uselessness.....

April 16 2006 - Happy Easter, more importantly, happy long weekend and HAPPY SUPER UPDATE New quotes, new poll, new photos page!  HURRAH!



So.....now for something completely different... FEH!   

Homestar Runner: "You're doing great! Now shoulders down! One and two! Feel the burn and go to bed! Make some breakfast, talk to me!"

SB: The fish was delish....and it made quite the dish.


Above: Totally Japanese Banana

Below: Strolling Prune



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